Robert Cohn - 2012

During the course of his 35-year tenure, Robert A. Cohn built the St. Louis Jewish Light into one of the top Jewish papers in the country. He covered the local Jewish scene extremely well, but he also paid attention to international affairs for his St. Louis readers. He interviewed and wrote about the leading Jewish figures of our time - people like Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Ariel Sharon and Abba Eban.

Cohn was present at the White House when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin signed their historic peace treaty in March 1979.

He served a total of seven years as President of the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis, and was the Founding President of the International Jewish Media Association, comprised of Jewish journalists and media entities around the world, which was founded in Jerusalem in 1987.