Don Hesse - 2013

If St. Louisans grew annoyed with the liberal editorial cartoons in the Post-Dispatch, they would be delighted by turning to the Globe-Democrat's editorial page.  From 1951 to 1984 that cartoon spot was held by Don Hesse, one of the most gifted draftsmen and conservative editorial cartoonists in the country.  His simple, loose pencil technique was sublime and his political viewpoint was always direct and forceful. Having been honored by the Freedoms Foundation, the American Legion and the National Headliners Club, Hesse gained a national reputation and following. It could even be said that changed he changed Republican Party history.  For it was a 1965 party at Hesse's Belleville home that he introduced his friend Richard Nixon to a young Globe editorial writer - Pat Buchanan. 

Hesse started his career at the Belleville News-Democrat and joined the Globe as a staff artist in 1946 before moving to the editorial page.  He returned the News-Democrat in 1984.  His work was nationally syndicated by the Los Angeles Times and the McNaught Syndicates.