Richard J. Miller - 2005

Miller began his work in St. Louis radio when he acquired KXLW in 1958. The station brought music and personality to the R&B/gospel audience in the area. In 1969 he added KADI-FM to his local operations and subsequently bought stations in two other cities.

His local stations provided a career springboard for talented people he hired like Gary “Records” Brown, Jim Doyle, Al “Scoop” Sanders, “Radio” Rich Dalton and Ed Goodman.

Miller established the concept of weekly oldies shows on Sunday nights, and the program spanned three decades. He was one of the first to promote his stations using posters, which have since become collectors’ items.

Miller’s St. Louis stations became regular stops for national talent, including Harry Chapin and Wolfman Jack, who would stop in to do DJ shows when they were in the area.

Richard Miller had sold all his radio properties by the mid ‘90s when he became chairman of Truman Bank.​