Charlie Stanley - 2005

​Stanley’s first radio job was at KXOK, and his general manager told him he’d never make it in radio. He worked at KATZ before going to a sales job at WEW. He moved up to sales manager and bought the station in 1964, selling it 28 years later.

​Under Stanley’s ownership, WEW gained a following as a middle-of-the-road music station. He bought a 1945 Mack fire engine, painted the call letters on the side, and showed up at just about every parade in the region.

​Charlie Stanley often described himself as a hustler and he admitted there were many times over the years when he was on the verge of losing the station when debts piled up.

​He was affectionately dubbed the “trade-out king” by his colleagues in the radio sales business who marveled at his abilities to get accounts on the air.