The publishers of The Universe take pleasure in acknowledging the many expressions of kindness and commendation with which the preceding numbers of this Magazine have been received, and beg to say that it is their determination to earn the continued approval of a constantly increasing circle of readers by making The Universe a thoroughly valuable, instructive and entertaining publication. No effort will be spared to maintain the high order of merit which has marked the contents of each number of the Magazine thus far. New and Interesting Features will be added from time to time. Illustrations have been added, and in future The Universe will be permanently issued as an llustrated Magazine. Original stories and poems, choice selections, essays on topics of general interest, well-written articles in various branches of human knowledge, and Special Departtments under the titles, Our Thinking Cap, The Home Corner, Science and Progress, Study and Reflection, Literature, Occasional Smiles and Better Thoughts, will combine to make this Magazine the equal of any similar publication at the same price.

The character of its contents and its moderate price - $1.50 a year - make The Universe specially desirable for intelligent people of limited means; while as a Portfolio of Choice and Refined Literature, it commends itself to all.

We Offer No Chromos or cheap catch-penny rewards for subscriptions, but in response to a very general desire to know what we can do for those who kindly aid us in increasing our circulation, we will say that anyone who sends us two or more cash subscriptions at the rate of $1.50 each may retain one-fourth, or 37 1/2 cents on each subscription, remitting to us the remaining three-fourths, or $1.12 1/2 each; and, in addition, we will send an extra copy of the Magazine for every club of ten new names.

To Authors. Well-Written articles are always welcome. Voluntary contributions will be promptly and carefully examined. If accepted, the author will be promptly notified. Postage should, however, accompany every MS, to insure its return if not available.

To Advertisers. In this Magazine we offer you and excellent medium through which to make your productions known to a large and increasing number of people. Nothing of an objectionable nature whatever is admitted to our columns. We accept no advertisements except from those whom we can cheerfully recommend to our readers. 

The value to advertisers of a good reliable, well-conducted Magazine in the West, one of the highest excellence, and at a reasonable price, assuring its entry into thousands of homes in the Mississippi Valley, The Great West, Northwest and Southwest, where the more expensive and elaborate Magazines can not yet obtain a footing, can hardly be estimated. Estimates of the cost of any sized card for any length of time will be cheerfully furnished.

The Universe Publishing Co.

(Published Nov. 1884)