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Belleville Times

Years in print:

1847- 1852


Prospectus of the Belleville Times

The subscribers propose to publish a weekly newspaper at Belleville, Illinois, (to take the place of the St. Clair Banner) under the title of the Belleville Times: The first number to be issued on Friday, the 24th instant.
The “Times” is to be a Democratic paper, and will yield a temperate but firm support to the principles and measures of that party. It will advocate the holding of the Democratic National Convention for the purpose of nominating candidates for President and Vice-President, and will support the nominees of such convention with whatever influence it may possess.
In the management of the Times we shall always avoid, as far as possible, all cause of offence to our political opponents; at the same time no considerations whatever will restrain us from an honest and zealous support of the principles to which we are pledged.
Though the character of this journal is political, yet in its columns will at all times be found much to interest the general reader. It will contain much useful information on political, literary, religious, scientific, agricultural and miscellaneous subjects. It will be the aim of the proprietors, in short, to make the Times a medium of useful information to all classes of our citizens, and they will rely with confidence upon the intelligence of the reading public for support in their enterprise.
TERMS: - The Belleville Times will be published every Friday, at one dollar and fifty cents per annum if paid in advance; two dollars if paid within six months, and two dollars and fifty cents if paid at the end of the year.

Belleville, Ill. Dec. 21, 1847

Belleville Times Early History

The original owners in 1847 changed the name of the St. Clair Banner to the Belleville Times and continued the publication until January 12th, 1849, when the paper was sold to Messrs. Harvey and Walker. Up to that date the Times had been devoted to the advocacy of Democratic principles, but the latter gentlemen carried the paper over to the Whig camp, and it supported the administration of Gen. Taylor, the President. That there may be no possibility of mistake on the part of the public as to its new position, the name of the Times was changed to the Illinois Republican. Harvey & Walker were its editors and publishers until October, 1852, when Judge Nathaniel Niles bought the paper and consolidated it with the Advocate.

(From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois by Brink, McDonough & Co. 1881).

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Belleville Times


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