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East St. Louis Gazette

Years in print:

1866- 1913


On June 28th, 1866, the Gazette was founded by the former mayor, the Hon. John B. Bowman, one of East St. Louis’ most active and enterprising men. For twenty years and until Mr. Bowman's death in 1885, the Gazette, under his control and management, ranked as the leading paper in St. Clair County. It was located at 120 North Main Street in East St. Louis and was edited and published by John Macauley and Joseph Crabb. Mr. Crabb remained in the firm until October of the same year, when Louis Straub purchased his interest. The firm of Macauley & Straub continued until 1871 when both retired, and the ownership of the paper vested in a stock company, the directors of which selected William O’Neil as editor and publisher. February 1st, 1873, John Macauley resumed the publication of the Gazette and continued until 1876, when John Haps took charge and continued [as] manager until August 4th, 1877, when he was succeeded by H.D. O’Brien.
Upon the death of the paper's founder in 1885, his son, Frank Bowman, took ownership.

(From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois by Brink, McDonough & Co. 1881). 

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