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Publication Name:

Illinois Advocate

Years in print:

1831- 1833


Formerly The Crisis

Eighteen numbers of the paper were published by Samuel S. Brooks, when the office passed into the hands of Judge John York Sawyer. The latter gentleman had established the Western Ploughboy in Edwardsville November 1, 1830, and continued the publication one year, when he came into possession of the Advocate, and the two papers were consolidated under the name of the Illinois Advocate.
Soon after the consolidation, Mr. J. Angevine secured a half interest in the paper. Four months later he sold out to William Peach. but he, too, soon retired, and Judge Sawyer was left in undisputed possession of the journal. In 1832 Mr. Sawyer was elected state printer, and he removed all of the material to Vandalia, then the seat of the state government. The Advocate was not a success; its columns were little sought after by advertisers, consequently it had more space for essays and miscellaneous matter, and per consequence enjoyed some reputation on account of its good selections and literary merit.

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois, by W.R. Brink & Co., 1882).

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