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Publication Name:

Illinois Beobachter

Years in print:

1856- 1866


This Alton German weekly was founded by John Reis in June, 1856. It was the exponent of the principles and German organ of the Douglas wing of the Democratic party. Its founder continued its publication until March, 1863, when he died. V. Walter then became the editor and proprietor. He carried the paper over to the Republicans, defending Lincoln's administration, and giving a hearty support to the war measures for the suppression of the rebellion. In the presidential campaign of 1864, it gave Lincoln a warm and cordial support. It had much to do at that time in educating and sustaining the union sentiment among the German portion of the community. In October, 1864, Mr. Walter sold the paper to G.H. Weigler, who continued the Beobachter until February 8th, 1866, when the office, with its contents, was totally destroyed by fire,

 (From The History of Madison County, Illinois by W.R. Brink & Co. 1882).

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Illinois Beobachter


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