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Clayton Argus

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1887- 1920?


The Clayton Democrat was purchased by Chas. R. Black in August, 1887 and its name was changed to The Clayton Argus.

Chas. R. Black was a son of Samuel and Amanda J. Black, a grandson of Mrs. Rebekah McCutchan, one of the first settlers in [St. Louis] County. He was a man of great force of character, a quiet man of simple habits and unusual sincerity. He was respected by and closely associated with the business, political and social life of the county; those who were most closely identified with the various activities of his life were those who went to their work in November of 1909 with heavy hearts and saddened visages.

Mr. Black gave the Argus a new dress when he took charge and made many changes in its character and deportment as well. He made it in all regards a clean paper, avoided indecent or scurrilous personalities, and was fair and liberal in his political and other opinions. The paper prospered under his management and was highly respected in the county. Mr. Black sold the paper, in 1901, to R.B. Crossman, who published it for little more than a year, when he sold it to J.F. Mitchim

At the present time [1911] the Argus is owned, edited and published by Mr. Lee Barton. It is Democratic in politics.

(Originally published in The History of St. Louis County by William H. Thomas, 1911).

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