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The Gridiron

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Gridiron Publishing Company.

If men were called upon to formulate an excuse for their individual existence, the majority of them would be non-plussed. They would have no valid reasons to offer. It is with magazines as it is with men, but it is hoped by the editors to prove The Gridiron an exception to the general rule. In the first place there is no reason why we should not publish a magazine. White paper is reasonably cheap. Printing prices are not prohibitive, and there is no law against it, providing certain propriety of expression is observed. And no one is going to be compelled to read our paper, except the proofreader, and he is paid for it.
Then there are reasons why such a periodical as the Gridiron should be published. A large number of people, Missourians and others, are constantly clamoring to be "shown," and it is our purpose to enact the role of demonstrator. That intention is declared upon the cover page, and a word regarding that same hull to our girst may be in order. Some misconception of the Gridiron's purpose may arise from a too superficial consideration of it. There is nothing diabolical in the character of this journal. The Plutonic gentleman in Red is symbolical only to a degree - the character of the magazine is Satanic only in its educational capacity. Your Devil is your only Mentor. He it was who established the first criterion of right and wrong. Our Edenic parents knew good from evil only after they had been tempted to eat the apple. And as an educator, His Satanic Majesty has labored assiduously ever since the Garden incident.
So as a pruveyor of knowledge, and a consequent provider of ethical standards, we are willing to be symbolized by him - but in that respect only.
Our competency to fulfill the requirements of Devil's disciplinarian is a thing that can only be proved by time. We proposed to begin modestly enough, showig the How and Why, leaving the When and Where to the daily papers, and history.

From the premier issue of The Gridiron, July 1903).

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