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Wendell Moore, Publisher/Editor. "We're not just another rock magazine. We're the only music magazine headquartered in the Midwest - and we'll cover folk and pop as well as rock. Giving you a close-up look at the new sounds and top performers onstage and off in St. Louis, we'll have more photographs than other publications. And, in every issue, a fold-out poster. As rock stars become increasingly inaccessible, we'll be your middle man - find out what you'd like to know if you were hanging out with them. What they're working on, where they're going, how they got started, what their private lives are like. We'll take you behind the scenes to meet St. Louis' top promoter. Backstage with the queen of St. Louis groupies. You'll sit in on a recording session, go on tour with a high-living rock group. We'd like to hear from you - comments, suggestions, questions."

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