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Hodiamont Notes

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Hodiamont Publishing Company

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This, the initial issue of Hodiamont Notes, is published exclusively in the interest of Hodiamont, its business men and citizens, and its general welfare. The object of each succeeding issue will be the same. It is published by the Hodiamont Publishing Company, an organization of merchants, whose only aim is the upbuilding of the community and the promotion of all things that will result in general benefit. It will display hearty and vigorous interest in public improvements and will do whatever is within its power to secure for Hodiamont its portion of the city's expenditures toward such improvements. While not pretending to be a newspaper in the strict sense of the meaning of the word, it will endeavor, nevertheless, to reflect the sentiment of the business men and citizens of Hodiamont in all matters that directly interest them. Hodiamont extends south to Delmar avenue, north to Page avenue, east to Hamilton avenue, and West to the Missouri river. This is the principal field of Hodiamont Notes, and the people residing within the boundaries mentioned, it is hoped, will find something in each issue that will interest them. The paper will be issued first as a semi-monthly, later it may be published weekly. From the beginning it will find its support in the liberality of its merchants. There will be no objectionable advertising admitted to its columns, and its reading matter will be thoroughly clean. It will be distributed free by the merchants and the merchants desire that it will be so conducted as to be appreciated by the people of the district. (Published 1/16/1906)

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