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Publication Name:

Missouri and Illinois Temperance Herald

Years in print:

1835?- 1840?


St. Louis and Alton. Published by the executive committees of the Missouri and Illinois State Temperance Societies.

Masthead Images:

Missouri Veteran
Daily Evening Missourian
Daily Missouri Republican
Missouri Advocate and St. Louis Enquirer
Missouri American
Missouri Democrat
Missouri Fiery Cross
Missouri Free Press
Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser
Missouri Herald and St. Louis Public Advertiser
Missouri Land Register and Advertiser
Missouri Mule
Missouri Observer and St. Louis Advertiser
Missouri Patriot
Missouri Reporter
Missouri Ruralist
The Missouri State Journal
Missouri State Topics
Missouri Teamster
Missouri Dental Journal
Missouri Submissionist
Missouri Staats Zeitung
Missouri Argus
Missouri Demokrat
Missouri Saturday News
Missouri Cascade
Missouri Gazette & Illinois Advertiser
Freiheitsbote Fur Illinois Und Missouri
Missouri Woman
Daily Morning Missourian
Missouri Presbyterian
Missouri Socialist
Missouri State Republican


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