Completion of the staff of KSTL, new 1,000 watt station on 690kc in St. Louis, Mo., was announced this week by General Manager Frank E. Pellegrin. The station expects to take the air June 1.

Studios and offices of KSTL are in the American Hotel, 7th Street at Market, St. Louis. The transmitter and tower are at 999 South 6th Street, East St. Louis, Ill. Raytheon transmitting and studio equipment and a 352 foot Wincharged tower are in use.

Program policy calls for KSTL to be "the good music station for St. Louis," Pellegrin said. Pointing out that the station will carry no hillbilly or "hot jive" programs, he added that "at the other extreme we will not be too high-brow or long-hair. We intend, however, to program the station chiefly with good 'middle-of-the-road' music, with accent on melody rather than novelty."

The station will also feature a "less yakity yak" policy, he said. "We will not have any disc jockeys as such. Our announcers will introduce the programs and musical numbers with a minimum of chatter."

A series of "salute" broadcasts from other stations throughout the country and from national, state and local dignitaries is planned for the opening day's ceremonies.

(Originally published in the St. Louis Advertising Club Weekly 5/31/1948).