The first radio country club in America is now being developed within the city limits of Kirkwood - on the grounds of the transmitter plant of KWK. When completed early this summer it will have bridle paths, swimming pool, tennis courts, handball courts and even a trapshooting field.

Thomas Patrick Convey, president of Thomas Patrick Incorporated, owners of KWK, conceived the idea of a retreat for staff members last summer. One hot night he and Clarence Cosby, KWK director, were at the transmitter plant, which is located on the Manchester road, near Lindbergh boulevard. It was a moonlit night and Convey was impressed by the scenic value of the site. It was then that he decided to build a sleeping porch addition to the plant where he could spend sultry nights.

The sleeping porch soon became a reality and since then ten rooms have been added. Now it is the summer home of the KWK staff, and landscape architects are at work beautifying the grounds. More than 3,500 shrubs and trees have been planted and when summer comes, it will be a haven for tired continuity writers, announcers, singers and other KWK attaches.

The plant is open to the public and hundreds of visitors pass through it each week. The studios of station KWK are at the Hotel Chase and [are] where the programs originate, but without the transmitter plant KWK would not be able to reach out into the distance with its programs.

(Originally published in Radio and Entertainment 4/9/32).