A First-Class Newspaper

In politics, the Evening Post will be wholly independent of parties and politicians; it will favor honest money, a revenue tariff and a closed union of the States; it will recognize that the prosperity of the country can not be complete until the ample resources of the South are developed, and it will advocate the restoration of Southern prosperity through the exertion of the Southern people, and according to their wishes. It will defend honesty, solvency and property against the assaults of demagogues, and will not be disturbed in its defense of the vested interests of the country by any appeal to passion, prejudice or ignorance.

Its chief aim will be to give the news of the day in full up to the hour of going to press; it will make unsparing use of the telegraph, receiving the latest dispatches through the National Associated Press, and having its special agents in all prominent news centers.

Special attention will be paid to the Local News of St. Louis; and one of the objects of the paper will be to furnish a full Commercial Report of the day's business. The markets will be reported in full, with all transactions, quotations and flutuations on 'Change, giving all the news that has hitherto appeared only in the next day's morning papers. The special attention of country merchants, buyers and shippers, and business men generally, is called to this feature of the Evening Post.

The Court proceedings will also be made a special feature of the daily news, and will be reported in full up to the last moment.
Theatrical, Musical and Literary items will receive proper recognition, and the departments of Fashion and Society will be in the hands of competent specialists. No improper matter of any kind will be admitted in its columns.