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Belleville Republican

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1879- 1884?


The Belleville Republican

            It was founded Feb. 28, 1879, by Dr. T.W. Eckert, who had, for a number of years been connected with the Journal in Lebanon. He continued the paper as sole editor and proprietor until July 4th of the same year, when he sold a third interest to G.F. Kimball, and a third to S.C. Mace. The co-partnership of these gentlemen continued until Nov. 7, 1879, when it was dissolved Eckert purchasing the interests of the other partners. No change was made in the proprietorship of the Republican until Feb. 14, 1881, when a half interest was sold to H.B. Knight, a veteran typo, and a man of much journalistic experience. When the Republican was first established, it was a seven-column folio, which form it continued until July 4, 1879, when it was changed to a six-column quarto. It was an advocate of Republican principles and was recognized as one of the potential organs of the seventeenth congressional district.

            (From the History of St. Clair County, Illinois).

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Belleville Republican


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