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Publication Name:

Edwardsville Times

Years in print:

1881- 1882


Originally published as Our Times, the paper's name was changed to the Edwardsville Times on the 28th of May, 1881. Co-owner Price withdrew from the firm June 18, 1881, and Mr. John L. Simcox continued the publication until July 16, when he took in as a partner E.W. Anderson. The latter retired October 8, 1881. Mr. Simcox remained sole proprietor until December 1st, 1881, then sold a half interest to Joseph S. Umberger. The latter firm continued until May 27, 1882, when A.L. Brown purchased the paper and changed the name to the Edwardsville Democrat, and changed the form from a seven-column folio to a six column quarto with the sheets cut and pasted.

(From The History of Madison County, Illinois by W.R. Brink & Co. 1882).

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Edwardsville Times


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