Radio station KSHE has made a big step into the lives of St. Louis area teens. KSHE-95 in the past few weeks has changed to “Rock Radio.” Now they have gone a step further and broadcast live every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 9 to 10 PM direct from the Castaways, 930 Airport Road in Ferguson, Missouri. The live broadcasts are emceed by Don O’Day, Big Jack Davis, and St. Louis’ own Johnny B. Goode.

Johnny B. Goode 1968

Top bands are featured each night. You’ll hear sounds from such popular groups as Jerry Jay and the Sheratons, the Acid Sette, Herman Grimes and the Spectors with the Mo Jo Men, Walter Scott and the Guise, the Good Feelin’, the Poets, the Belaerphon Expedition, the Aardvarks, and too many more to mention. Castaway management told Teen Sceen that some new big groups from out of town will be featured in the future.

And where is KSHE 95? Why, it’s on the FM dial. In fact, KSHE is the first radio station to play hard rock music. It has become known as all request radio, 24 hours a day. Many of the area high schools listen to KSHE during their lunch periods, among them Webster Groves, Parkway, and Vianney in Kirkwood. The new tempo at KSHE cannot be pinpointed. Jockeys move. Therefore the KSHE disc jockeys will be moving time segments regularly so listeners can catch the djs of KSHE during the time that they normally listen. Guest appearances are coming up too.

To sum it all up, look for big things to happen to St. Louis radio during the first part of 1968. Lots of surprises  and prizes from the new top station, KSHE, the official voice of Teen Sceen are in store for you.

(Originally published in Teen Sceen 1/68).